Pure KNF Foundation Board of Directors

Eric Weinert


Drake has been studying with Master Han-Kyu Cho since 2007 when he learned of his teachings through Ginger John and Dr. Hoon Park. By connecting with folks, Drake has been an integral part of building the natural farming movement in Hawaii that grew out of Gil Carandang’s Seminar in 2009. The monthly natural farming meeting at times swells to over 200 participants, and his YouTube Channel has well over 10,000 subscribers.  In 2017 Drake was part of a panel of experts that cooperatively drafed the first certification requirements as a Cho Global board member, and now bringing all this expertise to the Pure KNF Foundation.

Since learning about KNF, Drake’s entire life has been to fulfill Master Cho’s wishes of seeing this liberate the farmer. Drake sees KNF as one of the essential keys to move Hawaii toward prosperity.

Suze Gudmundson

Treasurer, Vice President

Susannah “Suze” Gudmundson has been an avid student and practitioner of Korean Natural Farming since her first “Cho” seminar on Hawaii Island, 2017. Fascinated and passionate about the science and mysteries of natural farming she dedicates her life to spreading this knowledge far and wide. She values maintaining the purity of the original teachings, passing down the precise formulas as promulgated by the beloved Korean Master, Cho Han-kyu. To be a small part of the big picture and to foster a generation of impeccable natural farmers capable of transforming agriculture worldwide, is her ultimate motivation as a director of Pure KNF Foundation.

Jennifer Weinert


I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Fortunately my family of eight had an acre of property, with gardens and fruit trees, and even a couple of greenhouses. I used to earn spending money by weeding and planting gardens and it was very satisfying. I didn’t mind getting my hands dirty or playing with the bugs!

In 1982, I married Eric and moved to the Big Island of Hawai’i. We operated a fruit tree nursery for 20 years and farmed 150 acres of tropical fruits. I opened one of the first fruit stands on the island and ran it for 5 years. Then we focused on exporting the tropicals and Eric built and today, still operates, an electric irradiator for post-harvest treatment. Now we are involved in the papaya industry. In summary, agriculture has been our life.

I was introduced to Korean Natural Farming by my son, Drake, in 2008. His passion for it has inspired me and I have taken many PureKNF trainings with him. I met Master Cho in 2010 and a few other times- I had a great time teaching yoga to the conference participants when we had break times.

Master Cho fueled my passion for this amazing method- regenerating soil and growing things using some sugar and other things around me. I felt like this is the answer- this is how nature does it…I can mimic this and I will succeed. I’ll be able to grow food and not have to rely on the boats and planes bringing supplies across the ocean to me. My hope is that someday sugar will be revived here and Hawai’i will have its own supply and be truly be self sufficient. 

I now grow lots of vegetables, greens and herbs, and I love to make the solutions. I have many testimonials about the success of this method of farming/growing. AND I sip the solutions everyday in my bottle of water.

I believe that PureKNF is the hope for the future of us and our planet. I am committed to doing whatever I can to help spread the knowledge and the microbes. Long live the Natural Farmer!