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“We exist to restore life through microbial awareness, education and action.”

We help to support Korean Natural Farming by hosting a free question and answer service!

KNFSupport.com is a full fledged question and answer service where anyone can ask a question and get expert community support.

Need help with Korean Natural Farming? 

KNF Support is a website dedicated to Questions and Answers where experts and beginners alike can gather to help each other learn Korean Natural Farming.

Need Real Time Answers?
We are Live Every Sunday: OFFICE Hour w/ Dr. Drake

We Are Advancing Korean Natural Farming through Automation

We host a free Real Time Kinematic (RTK) services for millimeter level GNSS providing the precise accuracy needed for agricultural automation for a majority of the East Side of Hawaii Island, including Hilo, Keaau, Pahoa, Paauilo and Honokaa.

RTK Connection Details

Caster Host: rtk2go.com

Caster Port: 2101

Caster Mount Point: pureknfbase

Username: <youremail>

Password: none

check the status here

This map shows the coverage area of precision correction data from the pureknfbase base station
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