The KNF Times – December 2020

Aloha Pure KNF Foundation members and allies in human form!

Speaking for the Foundation, I am stoked to bring you this newsletter. It has been a long time coming to get organized enough to make this happen. We aim to facilitate wonderful news in such a way that adds value to all the life you cultivate. Even though this may be your first newsletter officially from the Foundation, this is a manifestation of a persistent steady action toward a vision. 

I feel immense gratitude to our founding funder who made this first year of our existence possible. I feel so blessed to be recognized enough as a leader to be empowered to build an organization that can rise to bring Master Cho’s dream to life. 

But more than that, where we are headed with the Foundation, in a direction where all practitioners of KNF, large and microscopic, are recognized and lifted up to share in the abundance of our success. 

I hope you enjoy this Newsletter.

Aloha Pumehana!

Eric Drake Weinert Jr.
Pure KNF Foundation

Pure KNF Foundation

Our Mission is to balance life through microbial awareness, education and action

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